From clothes to perfumes with the smell of Bitcoin can be given this Christmas

Christmas is the ideal time to share with loved ones. One way to express our love is to find a personalized gift for each of them and bitcoiners are no exception. From the traditional shirts with cryptocurrency prints, to perfumes "with Bitcoin aroma", the options we have to choose from are very varied. Below, we show you some articles related to the bitcoiner community that can also be acquired with cryptocurrencies.



For many years it became popular to print phrases or motives that gave personality to the shirts. In this sense, if we want to give something unique to a bitcoiner, a shirt is an excellent option. There are many places where we can find these articles. One of them is BitcoinTShirtStore, where you can also use bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. The price of shirts with logos and phrases related to Bitcoin on this website is around $ 17.



Some say that the best gift we can give is knowledge. In this way, one of the options we have to give this Christmas are books related to Bitcoin. Regardless of whether our sender is an experienced bitcoiner or a n00b (novice), a fairly accessible option is the books of Andreas Antonopoulos. In the month of November, this author published his most recent book: Mastering Ethereum, in which he talks about smart contracts and DApps. This would be Antonopoulos' fourth book. It can be purchased through Amazon at a cost of 55 dollars or download it for free in your GitHub repository.



There are also gift options for the most refined tastes. A gift with a lot of class can be a watch that, in addition to carrying the logo of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptoactives, is registered in the block chain of NEM. This article has been developed by Chronoswiss and only 101 exclusive watches were created.


Undoubtedly, one of the most coveted gifts for all bitcoiners is a cold keychain or cold wallet, as they are also known. Among the highest priced are the Trezor, which are available in various designs. With this device it is possible to store the cryptoactives in a much more secure way, since they remain disconnected from the network and are less prone to attacks by cybercriminals. However, at the end of this month the Trezor team reported that their equipment was being falsified, a matter that endangered users' funds. The cost of this type of device ranges from 55 to 330 dollars. Trezor key rings can be obtained in various colors and with metal plates to record and protect the private key.




Many are the inventions around Bitcoin. One of them was a perfume "smelling Bitcoin" developed by a Spanish company. This rather unusual fragrance was made in the middle of this year, for an Asian buyer who did not reveal his name. Although the company decided not to market this product, it gave the recipe to create it. So any perfumery that makes personalized perfumes could reproduce it by mixing essence of sandalwood, orange blossom and musk


The CryptoArt works also offer a cold storage alternative for cryptocurrencies. But, unlike a Trezor, each piece is a work of art. Made in various sizes, the frames of this startup can be purchased from $ 60 in its smallest size.



Another option of good taste is jewelry. There is a large number of stores that offer items (in addition to the luxury watches we have already named) that have the Bitcoin logo, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Thus, at Cafepress you can buy items from $ 20 and up and on pages like IF & Co you can buy pieces that are around $ 2,000


There are also many wine options that can be purchased with bitcoins to give away this Christmas. Wines Lelièvre was the first French wine company to adopt bitcoin as a method of payment, so a bottle produced in its vineyards could be an ideal gift to accompany a Christmas dinner.



A gift that can be used even for the smallest of the house are the musical instruments. Among them, guitars are the most popular. A company from the United Kingdom called Tree Of Life Guitars offers these equipment from 135 euros. In addition to bitcoin, this website offers other payment methods.



Finally, a striking way to celebrate Christmas is by giving away sweets. An American company rescued the popular chocolate coins, which began to be commercialized for many years, and has printed the Bitcoin logo on them. Each of these coins can be obtained for 25 cents.



Sometimes, we do not know exactly what to give those people of complicated tastes (or of character). If you are still not sure what to give a bitcoiner this Christmas, you can also try buying gift cards with bitcoins. Some of the services that allow to acquire them are Fold, Giftoff, Paxful, Copay, Bitrefill and InstaGif. With them, your loved ones can buy the product of their choice in online stores.


Although Bitcoin is still a bit far from becoming a global peer-to-peer payment method, as was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, its adoption in multiple stores around the world has made buying items online much easier. For this reason, buying gifts with bitcoin becomes one of the best choices during this Christmas.