In what will be the Blockchain on Tour Latin America, the leaders of 6 projects will visit the cities of Sao Paulo, Lima, Guayaquil, Barranquilla and San Miguel de Paraguay to instruct the communities of the region on the operation of decentralized applications.

The BoT Association, established in the criptovalle of the city of Zug, Switzerland, organizes this event where a group of developers and participants of the Ethereum community will teach about the use of the tools they have created. These applications are Dether, Appics, Swarm City, Status, Etherisc and GiveEth. The guests to talk about these developments are respectively Abdelhamid Benyahia, Uma, Bernd Lapp, Andy Tudhope, Michiel Berende and Griff Green.

The event begins on November 26 in Sao Paulo, will continue in Lima (27), Guayaquil (29), Barranquilla (30) and San Miguel on December 2. Participation is free, although to know the location where the meeting will take place it is necessary to subscribe to BoT on its official website, and be attentive to the information.

As indicated in a press release received by CriptoNoticias, the general technical aspects will not be widely explained in the cycle of events, but will be taught to the audience to use the tools that distributed accounting technology can provide. "Blockchain on Tour will show a new set of tools that allow people to transfer value and build their own business, using assets not used by the state and therefore reflect the true value of the business," they say.

Bernd Lapp, who is co-founder and organizer of the event, said the event "will show usable products to drive the adoption of cryptoactive technology, making people independent of the state in which they reside." In addition, the organizers point out that all projects are public, based on Ethereum to be executed.

For his part, Albi Rodríguez, collaborator of the cycle of events, explained that this is an unusual opportunity. "It is difficult to mobilize the region leaders of these projects, which come in order to make it easy to know how to use their applications," he said.

Appics is a platform for social networks where you can earn cryptoactives for the quality of the published content; is a local exchange house, where buyers and sellers of cryptoactives can be found anywhere in the world; Swarm.City is a place for voluntary business exchanges without outsourced intermediaries.

Giveth works to connect creators and donors in a common market to finance projects and initiatives in a decentralized way, its founder Griff Green is one of the people who contributed to solve the hacking to the DAO of Ethereum, he is also co-founder of the White Hat Group, Also in charge of recovering 210 million dollars from Parity hacking in 2015, and also part of Aragon DAC, independent development group of the Aragon cryptoactive.

Etherisc, is focused on the decentralization of the insurance industry and, finally, Status is a thin client to access the Ethereum network from mobile devices.

The BoT organization claims to be focused on promoting the use of blockchain applications before they reach their sovereign governance model, which is why they are very interested in the markets of Latin America, Africa and Asia.